Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm back and have a new project!

After being sick for about two weeks, then having my craft room painted, then my DH going into the hospital, I haven't been able to do much the past several weeks, but everything has calmed down and I finally got a chance to go into my new craft room for the first time last night! When we had our Houston Circlet meet up, someone, and I apologize because I don't know who, gave Debbie a really neat desk mat. Well, while I was at Ikea, I saw these huge desk mats and scooped some up. Debbie's was designed with her name and her standard crown and it was adorable! I decided to do them for the kids I know - kind of like a place mat/play mat.

I used the Cricut pink vinyl and Storybook for the font and the flowers. The name is cut at 3" and the flowers at 2". I then added a little flourish from the French Manor cart, cut at 2". I flipped the image on my Gypsy so I could adhere it to the back of the mat.

The mat is actually about 25" x 18", so it's really a great size. I picked up a bunch and I'm actually using a few as a work mat. They help keep the table clean. Now all of the glue residue, glitter, etc. will get on the mat instead of the table!

This particular one is for a lady in my office building. She liked the idea so much she bought one for her daughter. Now hopefully I'll get orders for more! They are very easy and quick to do.

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