Monday, November 22, 2010

Craft Room Makeover!

Happy anniversay to me! For our 30th anniversay, which is today, my wonderful husband gave my craft room a makeover. He painted the walls, rearranged everything, told me to go buy a new dining room table, so I could take the old one upstairs to use! It came out so great. I have so much room and now it's so much easier to stay organized.

I got some inexpensive fabric from Hobby Lobby and made some valances for the windows. I wanted the natural light so I didn't want to cover them up! I also took one of my bookcases and turned it on it's side. We then placed in under the window. I can store my paper in there - it stands up perfectly. It also allowed me to put things on top!

While we were hanging the valances, I noticed that the rods would make perfect ribbon holders, so I went back to Anna's and bought more rods to hang on the wall. I also got some picture ledges from Ikea for my stickles, distress ink, glitter, etc. I love having everything out in the open!

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  1. What a great craft room, you have plenty of space to create! (I'm a little jealous ;)...)