Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lori's Garden and the Imagine

I've had my Imagine since the launch in 2010 (well actually I had to send the first one back because it didn't work at all). I haven't used it all that much, but when I do I'm really pleased with the images. I love how it makes the creative process easy!

I have to admit that Lori's Garden is my favorite Imagine cartridge! I know why people are paying over $200.00 for it on E-bay, although a little voice deep down is yelling SELL! LOL

Here's a birthday card I made with the cartridge. I printed and cut the frame, then did the same for the bird. The bird is pop dotted on the page because the wings go through the bird giving it great dimension! I happened to have the pink polka dotted cardstock on my desk. I used the Imagine on the cut only mode and cut one of the shapes that are preloaded onto the Imagine. I then used my trusty Happy Birthday stamp and tucked into the corner of the frame.

All of this was put on green cardstock which was part of The Paper Studio Affinity stack. Oh, and I did stickle the birds tail and wings, as well as some of the flower and the Happy Birthday tag!


  1. OMG! Kelly! The card is beautiful!!!

    I really-really want Lori's Garden and I've tried to get it. I've tried to bid on it on E-bay and I was always out-bidded. I've been tempted to just buy it, but it's so expensive and I just feel soon it'll be available for a lot less -- once more people have it and the popularity goes down. I'm really trying to hold out, but... (?)

    I just love your card!