Monday, August 16, 2010

Houston Circlets

The Houston Circlets met up Saturday night, for the first time, for a swarm at Archivers. Well needless to say I didn't get anything done! I was there for about 3 hours and talked the entire time, even while we did a little shopping! What a fabulous group we have! It was so much fun to meet in person and Provo Craft even sent some goodies for us! We all got the new Cricut Imagine sunglasses. Even though my kids and husband and mother, and well everyone that has seen me with them on, laugh at me, I wear them with pride! A shout out to Debbie O'Neal, our coordinater for the evening! She made everyone their own notebook, personalized with our names, cut out with what else - her Cricut! Here's to the Houston Circlets! Thanks for a great evening girls. I can't wait until the next get together!

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